<% R=request("R") if trim(R)="" then R=-1 end if d=request("d") q=request("q") if q=1 then qi=request("qi") if trim(qi)="" then qi=100 end if else sqi=request("sqi") end if if R>=0 then if q=1 then sql="select top "&qi&" * from cp_san_d order by qi_hao desc" else sql="select top "&sqi&" * from cp_san_d order by qi_hao desc" end if dim times(9) for i=0 to ubound(times) times(i)=0 next dim infos() if d<>1 then redim infos(9) else redim infos(9,2) for i=0 to ubound(infos) for j=0 to ubound(infos,2) infos(i,j)="" next next end if dim tmp(3) Set Rs = Server.CreateObject("Adodb.Recordset") Rs.open sql,conn,1,1 do while not(Rs.eof) bw=rs("chuhao_baiwei") sw=rs("chuhao_shiwei") gw=rs("chuhao_gewei") if tmp(0)="" then tmp(0)=rs("qi_hao") tmp(1)=bw tmp(2)=sw tmp(3)=gw else if d<>1 then if bw=R or sw=R or gw=R then times(tmp(1))=times(tmp(1))+1 infos(tmp(1))=infos(tmp(1))&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" times(tmp(2))=times(tmp(2))+1 infos(tmp(2))=infos(tmp(2))&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" times(tmp(3))=times(tmp(3))+1 infos(tmp(3))=infos(tmp(3))&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" end if else if bw=R then times(tmp(1))=times(tmp(1))+1 infos(tmp(1),0)=infos(tmp(1),0)&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" end if if sw=R then times(tmp(2))=times(tmp(2))+1 infos(tmp(2),1)=infos(tmp(2),1)&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" end if if gw=R then times(tmp(3))=times(tmp(3))+1 infos(tmp(3),2)=infos(tmp(3),2)&rs("qi_hao")&","&bw&","&sw&","&gw&";"&tmp(0)&","&tmp(1)&","&tmp(2)&","&tmp(3)&"|" end if end if tmp(0)=rs("qi_hao") tmp(1)=bw tmp(2)=sw tmp(3)=gw end if Rs.movenext loop Rs.close Set Rs = Nothing end if %>
请选号: checked<%end if%>> 0   checked<%end if%>> 1  checked<%end if%>> 2  checked<%end if%>> 3  checked<%end if%>> 4  checked<%end if%>> 5  checked<%end if%>> 6  checked<%end if%>> 7  checked<%end if%>> 8  checked<%end if%>> 9 checked<%end if%>> 定位
1 then%>checked<%end if%>> 不定位

注 : 期数默认情况或输入数字错误时系统自动识别为最近100期数据 ,默认为不定位分析
  <% if R>=0 then max=0 for i=0 to ubound(times) if times(i)>max then max=times(i) end if %> <% next %> <% for i=0 to ubound(times) if max=0 then max=1 end if %>
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